Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Tai Chi Class Schedule---Minneapolis St Paul

Great River Tai Chi's winter offerings include many opportunities for you to learn about the wonderful benefits Tai Chi can have for your health and well-being:

• Tai Chi Essence Exercises: Improve Your Balance and Health, Thursdays, from 6-7 pm, from January 7 through January 28th. These simple exercises can dramatically help you with balance, walking, by improving how you stand and move. Tuition: $88.

• Chinese Traditions for the Winter: Tai Chi and Chinese Medicine for Your Health, a free talk Saturday, January 9th, 2-4 pm, with Barbara Davis, Great River director, and Ming Chu Benson, licensed acupuncturist, at Sun Gallery, 4760 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis. Free and open to the public. 612-822-6388.

 • Ten-week Beginners Class: Traditional Tai Chi, Sundays, starting January 10th, from 7-8 pm. Learn the Tai Chi "form" and gain a solid foundation in Tai Chi practice to benefit your health, balance, and mental focus. Tuition: $150. Sign up first night of class.

• Intermediate Tai Chi Class: Continuing Form Work, Sundays, from 6-7 pm, ongoing.

• Advanced Tai Chi Class: Refining and Deepening Practice, Thursdays, from 7-8 pm, ongoing.

Our Tai Chi classes are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.
We are located at 1940 Hennepin (at Franklin) 2F. Ring buzzer for entry.
Call us at 612-822-5760 for further information.

Monday, November 9, 2009

November Practice Tips

The changes in the weather can be challenging, but tai chi can help. Not only does tai chi help ground you physically by improving your balance and posture, it helps you to manage your ch'i. During these dark, cold-weather months, t'ai chi can help you keep your energy balanced. Doing simple breathing exercises and movements boosts your immune system, and keeps you in synch with nature by replenishing yourself.

Our next series of classes will start in January: a beginners class on Sunday evenings at 7 pm, and a "Tai Chi Essence" class on Thursdays at 6 pm. Both of these classes are appropriate for beginners or experienced players. Stay tuned for further details. Please visit our website for further information about our group, or call 612-822-5760.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Great River Tai Chi 30th Anniversary Open House October 18

Join us at Great River Tai Chi Sunday, October 18th, from 3-5 pm to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

 At this fun event, we'll have demonstrations of t'ai chi, films, drawings for door prizes (including free classes), and refreshments. Free, all ages welcome.

The event will be held at our studio at 1940 Hennepin Avenue South (at Franklin) 2F. Parking on street by building; busses #2, 4, 6, 12.

For further information, please call 612-822-5760.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Practice Tips

Brrr! It's cold out all of a sudden! But did you know that you can keep warm by doing tai chi? Relaxing helps the blood flow better, and focusing the mind—if you work at it—can enable you to direct the ch'i where it's needed, like the toes and fingertips.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tai Chi: Your Gateway to Health

Tai Chi for health? You betcha: balance, relaxation, lower blood pressure, coordination...the list goes on. Now here's what one article says: "Studies have long shown that tai chi improves balance. Now research demonstrates it may also protect the area of the brain responsible for the sense of touch. In a recent Harvard study, 50- to 60-year-olds who did tai chi had a more acute sense of feeling in their fingertips, equivalent to that of people nearly half their age."("The brain-power workout" India Today 9/16/09).

So here's your chance to try it out: Great River T'ai Chi will be offering a beginner's class starting this Sunday, September 20th, from 7-8 pm. Let this class be your gateway to health! Ten weeks for only $140. Register at door. New students will be admitted through mid-October; tuition will be pro-rated.

Great River has been offering tai chi classes for 30 years!
1940 Hennepin Av. S. 2F (at Franklin), Mpls.
For further information, call 612-822-5760.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great River Director Article Published

Great River T'ai Chi Ch'uan's director Barbara Davis writes about the nature of t'ai chi in this month's issue of the Edge Magazine. She writes: "T’ai chi creates a space not just of one individual’s internal being, but rather, at the same moment, you are in a connection beyond your self, to the room you’re in, to the people around, to the world outside." You can read the complete article online, or pick up a copy at Present Moment, Tao Foods, The Wedge, or other locations throughout the Twin Cities and Minnesota. Davis was a participant in the International Taiji Symposium in Nashville this summer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great River Tai Chi Free Class in September

Thirty years of classes, thousands of students—now's your chance to try it yourself at Great River T'ai Chi! Our fall classes kick off with a FREE CLASS, Sunday, September 13th at 7 pm. Come learn why tai chi has become one of the world's leading tools for improving your health and well-being.

New beginner's tai chi classes will start the following week on Sunday, September 20th at 7 pm. Ten weeks for $140. Wear comfortable clothing. No preregistration necessary.
Classes are held at 1940 Hennepin Avenue South 2F (at Franklin) just south of downtown, in the Jawahir Dance Studios above Burch's Pharmacy, and near the Wedge Coop. For car and bus directions, see the panel at the right.

Call us at 612-822-5760 for further information.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August Practice Tips

The climate here in Minnesota doesn't allow for extended outdoor tai chi practice, so now's the time to get out there and do it! Feel what a difference it makes to have fresh air, a gentle breeze, to hear the birds chirping, squirrels chasing around, and butterflies fluttering. What do you learn from them?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Tai Chi Classes

Celebrate Great River's 30th anniversary Sunday, June 14, 6pm Free Talk "T'ai Chi for Sports." T'ai Chi can be a wonderful enhancement for other sports such as tennis, golf, running, and basketball. Learn some basic moves and concepts at this talk. 1940 Hennepin Av So (at Franklin), 2F.
Sunday, June 21, 6 pm, New Beginners 10-week class, tuition $99 anniversary special ($140 regular price)
Sundays, ongoing—7 pm, Intermediate 2 (ongoing, form study focus is second half of form)
Thursdays—6 pm Intermediate 1 (ongoing, form study focus is first half of form)
Thursdays—7 pm Advanced (form, push hands, sword)

More anniversary celebrations to come this fall!
Call 612-822-5760 for further information about classes, and see our website (link at right) for more details about Great River.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Edith Davis Memorial Acupuncture Access Bill Passes Minnesota Legislature

The Equal Access To Acupuncture Act and as a Memorial to Edith R. Davis, Minnesota’s pioneer acupuncturist passes and has been signed by Governor Pawlenty! This act requires health insurers who cover acupuncture delivered by doctors and chiropractors to also reimburse for acupuncture by licensed acupuncturists. The importance of this bill was in allowing the consumer fair access to the practitioners who are most highly trained in the field, the professional licensed acupuncturists. This bill was supported by the acupuncture association, acupuncture schools and the Minnesota Chiropractic Association.

Edith Davis, mother of Great River T'ai Chi director Barbara Davis, was one of Minnesota's pioneer acupuncturists, a founder of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association of Minnesota, founder and President of the Minnesota College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, on numerous national acupuncture commissions, founder of the Healing Point Traditional Acupuncture Clinic, and most recently served on the legislative committee of the acupuncture association.

The association wrote, "This bill is dedicated to honor the memory of Edith R. Davis, a pioneering acupuncturist in Minnesota who for the safety of the public, the benefit of the profession and her love of people deemed it necessary that education, certification and licensing of acupuncturists be a fundamental requirement for practice. Edith labored tirelessly until her death at the age of 87, in May 2008. We are forever grateful for her inspiration, her support and her life."

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tai Chi for Balance

A recent New York Times article (4/7/09) reported that just six weeks of Tai Chi helped improve balance in people who'd had strokes. "While the exercise group showed little improvement in balance, the tai chi group made significant gains when they were tested on weight-shifting, reaching and how well they could maintain their stability on a platform that moved like a bus." Read more....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nathan Menaged Workshop May 3

Nathan Menaged of Columbus Ohio will present the second installment of "Three-Dimensional Yielding" with Great River, Sunday, May 3 from 9–3. Contact us for information at 612-822-5760. Location to be announced (n.b. NOT at Great River studio).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tai Chi for Golf!

Did you know that tai chi practice can help your golf game? A Wall Street Journal article recently covered the topic of practice and mastery—and lo, and behold, some golfers are using what they call the "tai chi swing" to help straighten out their golf technique. The slow pace of tai chi helps golfers analyze swings that would otherwise be done at high speeds that don't allow time for observation of accuracy. (Wall Street Journal 3/19/09)
Join us at Great River Tai Chi to polish up your golf game before the snow stops flying!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Great River Tai Chi Spring Classes Announced

Spring into health! New T'ai Chi classes will start Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 6:00 p.m..
T'ai Chi is a wonderful and intriguing, unique Chinese exercise that will help improve your balance, focus, blood pressure, and overall health. You'll learn the basics of T'ai Chi moves and easy qigong exercises to help get you on the right track.
Classes run for ten weeks and are one hour in length. Classes are open to all ages, however children should be approximately six or older, with decent attention spans. An adult must accompany the child to class.
This class is on the second floor of the building. Please contact us for accessible classes.
SAVE! Click here to get your Great River Tai Chi coupon for big savings!
For more information, see our website or call us at 612-822-5760.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great River at Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Great River T'ai Chi Ch'uan teachers Barbara Davis and Cheryl Powers led an overflow crowd of children and parents in a fun set of t'ai chi exercises at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Chinese Lantern Festival Family Day.
Over 5,000 people attended the day's events which included pipa music by Gao Heng, painting activities withe Bob Schmitt of Laughing Waters Studio (Bob designed and did layout of the print edition of Taijiquan Journal), paper lantern-making, and performances by the CAAM, the Chinese Dance Theater. This annual event is one of the Art Institute's monthly family activities that highlight different parts of the museum's diverse, large collection.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Tai Chi Class at Concordia

Great River T'ai Chi has been invited to teach at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota. This credit class is offered through the Theater Department. Contact the school for registration information.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Professor Cheng Tai Chi Videos Available

Curious about who Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing was and what his t'ai chi looked like? A new authorized site shows clips of Professor Cheng's tai chi and information about ordering materials.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chinese New Year Events

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Chinese Lantern Festival Family Day
Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009 11–5

Welcome the Year of the Ox with a fabulous celebration! See lion dances and other festive performances of the New Year. Make a paper lantern and join a parade of lanterns. Create a traditional good-luck envelope to give to a friend. Plus, enjoy pipa music by renowned musician Gao Hong and explore the MIA’s fabulous collection of Chinese art. Free and open to the public.

Great River Tai Chi will be appearing as part of the Family Day celebrations! See you there!
See the schedule at the museum's website.