Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tai Chi for PTSD

gulfwar_illness_Post-Traumatic Stress 
Taiji can be used to deal with symptoms related to combat stress.

".... It was during my first admission to Combat Stress that I was introduced to the gentle art of Tai Chi and Qigong. I always remember seeing an advert on the activities notice board displaying a Tai Chi & Qigong session. I had no idea what it was about but I wanted to give it a try. The session was led by Lesley Roberts ( Lifestyle Tai Chi) taking us through a warm up and then teaching us the first moves of the 18 movement Shibashi Qigong and finishing off with some seated meditation. I had no idea what was going on and just followed the exercises, but I distinctly remember afterwards being so relaxed inside that I fell asleep in my room. It was my first experience of abdominal breathing which I felt a calming effect and to add to this I noticed tension and pressure which I felt in my head had reduced quite a bit.  I carried this on during my stay and took part in these sessions on future visits. It became clear that I felt an improvement both mentally and physically from taking part in these sessions...."

Read the complete article at Taiji Forum.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Beginners Tai Chi Clases Winter 2019

Start the new year off right, with tai chi!

New Beginners class starts Sunday, January 6th, 7-8 p.m. Improve your health, posture, balance, and walking. This class will show you how t'ai chi can enhance your daily life.

Great River T'ai Chi Complete Winter 2019 Schedule:
Sundays     6-7 p.m. Intermediate (White Crane)

Sundays     7-8 p.m. New 10-week  beginners starts Sunday Jan. 6th

Tuesdays    10-11 a.m. Intermediate (Embrace Tiger)

Tuesdays    11-12 p.m. Beginners II (Single Whip)

Thursdays    6-8 p.m. Advanced (form, push hands, sword, theory, exercises).

"T'ai Chi Legacy" talks, videos, and practice held on the second Thursday of each month this year. In January, we will honor the legacy of our lineage founder, Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing.
Tuition: Beginners I or II: $150 for ten-week class (one hour per week)
Intermediate: $60 per month (one hour per week)
Advanced: $88 per month 
Unlimited: $88 per month
Per-class fee: one-hour class $16, two-hours class $23.
Location: All classes are held at St. Luke's Episcopal Church 4557 Colfax Av. So. Mpls. (corner of 46th and Colfax), just east of Lake Harriet. Classes are in church basement, except for Tuesday morning, which are in library on first floor.

Exercise, Move!

In an extensive article, the Guardian talks about the history of excercise, why we need it, lifestyle change, technology and more:

Our relationship with exercise is complicated. Reports from the UK and the US show it is something we persistently struggle with. As the new year rolls around, we anticipate having the drive to behave differently and become regular exercisers, even in the knowledge that we will probably fail to do so. Why do we want to exercise? What do we expect it to do for us? We all know we are supposed to be exercising, but hundreds of millions of us can’t face actually doing it. It is just possible the problem lies at the heart of the idea of exercise itself.