Saturday, August 4, 2007

August Practice Notes—Practice

How do you practice best?
It's important to figure out methods that work for you. Are you a morning person? Maybe more emphasis on morning practice would be better. Are you the kind of person to focus on one task to completion? Perhaps setting up practice themes for a span of time would suit you. Or is your mind typically scattered? Try starting your practice with focusing on your breathing. Do you need deadlines to motivate you? Set up goals by the day, month, or by the year. Gauge yourself by an external marking point such as an annual workshop.
You can also keep a practice log, if that helps. Marking off practice on a calendar, keeping a t'ai chi notebook, or, as one person suggests, a spreadsheet. All of these can help you focus in on the work to be done.
But remember, enjoy your practice. It's a fascinating exploration of mind and body and action.