Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Tai Chi Classes

Celebrate Great River's 30th anniversary Sunday, June 14, 6pm Free Talk "T'ai Chi for Sports." T'ai Chi can be a wonderful enhancement for other sports such as tennis, golf, running, and basketball. Learn some basic moves and concepts at this talk. 1940 Hennepin Av So (at Franklin), 2F.
Sunday, June 21, 6 pm, New Beginners 10-week class, tuition $99 anniversary special ($140 regular price)
Sundays, ongoing—7 pm, Intermediate 2 (ongoing, form study focus is second half of form)
Thursdays—6 pm Intermediate 1 (ongoing, form study focus is first half of form)
Thursdays—7 pm Advanced (form, push hands, sword)

More anniversary celebrations to come this fall!
Call 612-822-5760 for further information about classes, and see our website (link at right) for more details about Great River.