Thursday, October 4, 2007

Great River Tai Chi Fall Workshop

Great River Tai Chi Ch’uan
Fall Form Review Workshop 2007
Thursdays, October 11–November 15

Forget a t’ai chi move? Want to re-energize your practice? Want to discover the underlying connections of the complete form? You’ll get these and more in this six-week workshop!

This form review intensive will give you an opportunity to review the entire Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing Yang-style short form in a short span of time. This class is suitable for intermediate-advanced t’ai chi students.
Each week, we’ll review moves in the time slots as listed below. We’ll start each session with some simple warm-up exercises that will reinforce basic principles and alignment. Then, we’ll turn to the form and work out details of moves based on those principles. For those who’ve attended the “Search for Simplicity” workshop, we will be using the same approach, but with an emphasis on the form moves themselves. You’re welcome to sign up for the whole workshop or drop in for whatever time slots work for you.
Tuition: Complete workshop $125, Drop-in $22 per night or $12 for one hour class Regular students, included in monthly flat fee tuition of $80 per month
Registration: At class or mail to Great River, PO Box 80538, Mpls, MN 55408
Location: Great River Studio at 1940 Hennepin.
Questions: Call 612-822-5760

Times: 6 pm / 7 pm
Oct. 11 Beginning, Preparation / Grasping Sparrow’s Tail: Ward-off, Rollback, Press, Push
Oct. 18 Shoulder, White Crane, Brush Knee, Step Up, Play Guitar / Punch, Apparent Closure
Oct. 25 Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain, Fist Under Elbow / Repulse Monkey, Diagonal Flying, Cloud Hands
Nov. 1 Squatting Single Whip, Golden Pheasant / Separate RL
Nov. 8 Turn Strike with Heel, Low Punch / Four Corners
Nov. 15 Step Up to Seven Stars, Ride the Tiger, Turn and Kick / Bend Bow, Completion