Thursday, October 4, 2007

Chinese Dance and Art and Theater

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan will visit Northrup Auditorium again, Saturday, Oct. 13, 8 pm. They'll be performing "Wild Cursive," the final chapter to "Cursive: A Trilogy." Their sinewy, calligraphic and t'ai chi inspired choreography is not to be missed. See Northrup's site for ticket information.
Cloud Gate's rich repertoire has its roots in Asian myths, folklore, and aesthetics, but it brings to these age-old beliefs and stories a contemporary and universal perspective. The company is made up of two-dozen dancers whose training includes Tai Chi Tao Yin (an ancient form of Chi Kung), meditation, martial arts, Chinese Opera movement, modern dance, ballet, and calligraphy.

At the venerable Bryant-Lake Bowl, Sun-Tzu's Art of War is being presented by No Refund Theatre in October. Apparently a comedic adaptation! See this site..

Finally, Documenting China: Contemporary Photography and Social Change will be on display at the Weisman Museum at the University of Minnesota through Nov. 25. A number of lectures will be held in conjunction with the exhibit.