Friday, September 7, 2007

September Tai Chi Practice Notes: The Foot

What makes T'ai Chi such a good lifetime exercise? One of the prime reasons is that it helps you become aware of your body alignment and balance from the inside out. Much of the time we rely on external feedback for these things, but T'ai Chi builds that awareness from the ground up, so to speak. You can start by focusing on how your feet connect to the ground. Can you feel the ground equally under each part of each foot? Do your feet feel relaxed as they touch the ground?
When you feel more connected to the ground, then you can let all of your movements--stepping, walking, running, lifting, and so on--come from the ground, be connected to the ground. Doing so has a positive impact on keeping your balance, using your body wisely when working, and on your overall relaxation and focus--after all, if you have a foot on the ground, then you have a leg to stand on!